Episode 4 : The Sport of Penguins!

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This week's episode is part one of a two-parter. There's a parasol thief amongst us - and it's not Steve or Andy. The Penguin joins forces with Lola Lasagna, the gold digger with the excellent name, and together they scheme to get rich by rigging a horse race. Find out who comes out on top, and learn about the inner workings of glue factories in this week's podcast. Steve and Andy, Episode 4 - entertaining and educational, just as you've come to expect.

Episode 3 : The Wail of the Siren!

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This week Steve and Andy go for the hat trick: Will the secret of Batman’s identity be revealed? Will Bruce Wayne lose all of his worldly possessions? Is Robin gay? Tune in to Steve and Andy Meet Batman and find out!


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My goal: To be the #1 podcast when searching "Adam West". We are currently number 10.

Episode 2: Ring Around the Riddler!

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Steve and Andy are back! This time with 100% more Riddle Juice!

Episode 1: Enter Batgirl Exit Penguin!

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Trouble is afoot in Gotham. But what's this? It's Steve and Andy! And they've come to review the 1960's Batman TV show! Will the Penguin succeed in his not-so-well-thought-out plan to marry Barbra Gordon? Find out in the first episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman! Orignal Air Date: 2/8/2009