Episode 7: Louis the Lilac!

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Trouble is brewing in Gotham, Barbra Gordon is insane, the hippies are rising up, and it's up to Batman and Robin to save the day! So gather up your flowers, hop on the hippie wagon and join us as we cause a little rumble down in fuzz town on Steve and Andy Meet Batman!

Episode 6: The Unkindest Tut of All!

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Steve and Andy are back after a short delay! So grab your life size bat dolls, head down to the accordion concert and listen as Steve and Andy take on King Tut in "The Unkindest Tut of All"!

Episode 5: A Horse of Another Color!

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Steve and Andy are back for another Bat filled episode of Steve and Andy meet Batman!

Batman meets Tom

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We love Tom. It's true. Just listen to our podcast. The Dexy's Midnight Runners song in the intro is a tribute to him. Tom v. The Flash was our main inspiration for doing a podcast about Seinfeld, which eventually turned into a podcast about Batman. So you should give Tom a listen if you haven't already. You'll defiantly laugh and you might even cry as Tom beautifully retells the stories from old comics books.