Special #1: Cartoon Explosion!!!

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We've been very very busy these past couple of weeks, but we're back with an extra long and extra special episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman: Cartoon Explosion!!! Join us as we watch 3, count 'em, 3 episodes of the 1960's Batman and Robin Cartoon. We also get to meet Paul, a very nice and very cool listener in the first ever "meet the listeners" segment!


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As promised here are some of the weirder moments of the Londinium trilogy finale. Enjoy.

Episode 13: The Bloody Tower!

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Ahh another foggy and miserable day in Londinum, and we're back for the stunning conclusion of Batman's overseas adventure: The Bloody Tower! Join us as we watch the Dynamic Duo battle their toughest foes yet: bees and an old man! Stay tuned for a civics lesson courtesy Burt Ward in "The Teenage Bill of Rights!" Also we unveil a new segment we have planned for the show! Enjoy Bat-fans!

"Teenage Bill of Rights" A Song by Burt Ward

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Here it is! Part three of the Burt Ward musical trilogy! This is the song that could have defined a generation, had it only been released. Join a misinformed Burt as he runs through his list of demands in this powerful song. Enjoy!