Hi Diddle Riddle!

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We're back with a brand new episode of the 1966 Batman series! We're starting fresh with season 1 episode 1 entitled, "Hi Diddle Riddle"! Now you can follow along with us from the beginning as we set out to review every episode of Batman!

In this episode, the Riddler is up to no good in Gotham city, and it's up to Batman and Robin to stop him. Will the Riddle succeed? Will Aunt Harriet find out about Bruce and Dick's "fishing trips"? Will Alfred ever get to sit down? Grab a tall glass of orange juice and join us and we find out all this and more on this episode if Steve and Andy Meet Batman!

Steve and Andy Meet the Oscars

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While you're waiting for the newest and greatest episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman, we thought we'd share our thoughts on the Oscars! From time to time we'll share little non-Batman related podcasts with you guys. If you have any suggestions or ideas for us, let us know! Our e-mail is steveandandy@gmail.com

Don't worry, this Wednesday we'll have a new episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman 1966 for you. We've decided to start over with season 1 of the 1966 Batman TV series, so get excited! We encourage you to watch along with us and experience the bat-joy of Batman!

World's Finest #152!


In this special episode of Steve and Andy we explore World's Finest Comics #152! Next episode we'll be back on schedule with the next episode of the Batman 1960's TV show, so stay tuned.