Episode 20 - Steve and Andy Meet Rumors!

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Bat-fans! On this special episode of Steve and Andy we'll be rounding up a few rumors from the upcoming Batman film: "The Dark Knight Rises"! We also talk about this summer's superhero movies!

Next week we'll be doing another World's Finest, then we'll get back to the 66 Batman show!

Episode 19: Smack in the Middle!

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Greetings people of earth!

We're back with another exciting episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman.

When we last left our heros Robin was trapped in a vice grip and Batman was trapped by a vice of another kind. Will they survive? Will Batman sober up? Will Aunt Harriet ever figure it all out?

Join us as we explore yet another wonderful and bizarre episode of Batman!

Holy Bat-Screens!


From Steve and Andy Meet Batman "Smack in the Middle!"


Jim Beard's next bat-book


Raging inferno? Don't worry, I have my fire extinguisher!