Episode 23: Fine Feathered Finx!

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We're back Batmites! The Penguin is on the loose again in Gotham! Since the Gotham city police are completely incompetent, it's up to Batman and Robin to stop him! Join us for another action packed episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman!

Episode 22: E-mails and Thor!

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Greetings Batmites!

Today we're answerin' e-mails and talkin' about Thor! Tune in as we answer some awesome e-mails and give our thoughts on the new and exciting Thor movie! Later this week... new Batman episodes!

Episode 21: World's Finest #156!

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In this episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman we take a look at another issue of World's Finest. Metropolis and Gotham are being overrun by Bizaaro Superman and Bizzaro Batman (that's right, bizzaro Batman!). Superman and Batman are away, so it's up to Robin and Jimmy Olson to keep the Bizzaros under control!

Will Batman and Robin be able to stop the antics of the Bizzaros? Will Batman and Superman return in time? Find out all this and more in this episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman!

World's Finest #156 Panels!

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Used gum: always useful.

Metropolis does not realize that this isn't the real Superman.

Where did he find a garbage can that huge?!

Joker of Dogtown.

Weird Batbaby.