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Here it is Batmites, every episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman! These episodes are also available on iTunes.

1. Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin! (Batman Season 3, Episode 1)

2. Ring Around the Riddler! (Batman Season 3, Episode 2)

3. The Wail of the Siren! (Batman Season 3, Episode 3)

4. The Sport of Penguins! (Batman Season 3, Episode 4)

5. A Horse of Another Color! (Batman Season 3, Episode 5)

6. The Unkindest Tut of All! (Batman Season 3, Episode 6)

7. Louis the Lilac! (Batman Season 3, Episode 7)

8. The Ogg and I! (Batman Season 3, Episode 8)

9. How to Hatch a Dinosaur! (Batman Season 3, Episode 9)

10. Surf's Up! Joker's Under! (Batman Season 3, Episode 10)

11. The Londinium Larcenis! (Batman Season 3, Episode 11)

12. The Foggiest Notion! (Batman Season 3, Episode 12)

13. The Bloody Tower! (Batman Season 3, Episode 13)

Special #1: Cartoon Explosion! (Batman Cartoons)

14. Catwoman's Dressed to Kill! (Batman Season 3, Episode 14)

15. Steve and Andy Meet Jim! 

16. World's Finest #162! 

17. Steve and Andy Meet the Oscars 2011! 

18. Hi Diddle Riddle! (Batman Season 1, Episode 1)

19. Smack in the Middle! (Batman Season 1, Episode 2)

20. Steve and Andy Meet Rumors! (Batman DKR Rumors)

21. World's Finest #126!

22. E-mails and Thor!

23. Fine Feathered Finx!
(Batman Season 1, Episode 3)

24. The Penguins a Jinx! (Batman Season 1, Episode 4)

25. The Joker is Wild! (Batman Season 1, Episode 5)

26: Batman is Riled! (Batman Season 1, Episode 6)

Special #2: Jive Talkin'

27: Instant Freeze! (Batman Season 1, Episode 7)

28: E-mail World Tour! 

29: Rats like Cheese! (Batman Season 1, Episode 8)

30: Zelda the Great! (Batman Season 1, Episode 9)

31: A Death Worse Than Fate! (Batman Season 1, Episode 10)

32: E-mails and Group Therapy! 

33: A Riddle a Day Keeps The Riddler Away! (Batman Season 1, Episode 11)

34: The Contest!

35: When the Rat's Away, the Mice Will Play! (Batman Season 1, Episode 12)

36: A Very Steve and Andy Christmas!

37: The Thirteeth Hat! (Batman Season 1, Episode 13)

X: The Lost Episode!

38: Batman Stands Pat! (Batman Season 1, Episode 14)

Special #3 - The Super Half-time Show Bowl 2012!

39: Action Comics #454! (Video episode!)

40: The Joker Goes to School! (Batman Season 1, Episode 15)

41: The Avengers and Snack Cakes!

42: He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul! (Batman Season 1, Episode 16)

43: Summer Camp #1: Sleepaway Camp!

Episode 33: Rats Like Cheese!

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Lube up those bat-poles, it's time for another episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman! The Riddler is once again on the loose in Gotham! That's right we're only 8 episodes in and they're already recycling villains! Will the dynamic duo be able to thwart the Riddler's roughish rouses!? Will Bruce ever get to enjoy a night out at one of Gotham's many Millionaire clubs? Will Alfred ever get a break? Find out all this and more on this episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman!

Episode 32: E-mails and Group Therapy!

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In this episode we discuss the hard hitting issues: Michele Bachmann, Godfathers Pizza, XXXX, group therapy, and more! We also read some e-mails and cat names. There are only a few weeks left in the cat name contest, so be sure to enter if you haven't already! Look forward to the next episode in just a few days!

Episode 31: A Death Worse Than Fate!

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As promised, here is the stunning conclusion of the Zelda the Great saga! Will Gordon and O'Herra find Bruce Wayne in time to save Aunt Harriet? Will she die a horrible, horrible death? Change your clothes, eat some sherbet* and enjoy another fabulous episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman! (*Note: that joke will make more sense after listening to this episode)

Steve and Andy Meet Facebook! (and technical problems!)

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Batmites! We are proud to announce the formation of our facebook fan page!

Episode 30: Zelda the Great!

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Hold on to your pants batmites! Steve and Andy are back with another spectacular episode of Batman! This time a woman (you read that right, a woman) is terrorizing Gotham! It will take all the feminine intuition that Zelda the great has to outsmart the dynamic duo! Our heros are in for a surprise however, when the she-devil outfoxes them and kidnaps Aunt Harriot!!! Will the dynamic duo be able to stop her! Tune in and find out! Also we announce the mega grand prize in the "name my cat" contest! You won't want to miss it!

Episode 29: Rats Like Cheese!

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People are dying! Priceless diamonds are going missing! Ice rinks are melting! Mr. Freeze is terrorizing Gotham City! When we last left our Dynamic Duo they were frozen solid. The police force is helpless against Mr. Freeze (as they are against any criminal. WIll Batman and Robin thaw out in time to save Gotham? Will Bruce ever score a fine lady? Will Robin wear pants? Find out all this and more on this exciting episode of Steve and Andy Meet Batman! WAIT! THERE'S MORE! We also announce the third place price for the "name my cat" contest... you won't want to miss it!